Creating a new website

I’ve been at my desk working hard over the last two weeks to create a new website look. While not necessary, I am doing so because I do believe that its good for a business to change its look around as often as every year. Its been far longer then that since my website has gotten a real facelift, and in fact , I haven’t posted on this blog in even longer.

I’m really looking to change that. A lot of things both good and bad have been happening lately, and it just felt like the right time. I always advocate having a blog for your business, but for years I didn’t follow my own advice very well.

For now, I’m using this awesome 2015 default theme for WordPress, but am behind the scenes working on integrating and converting the new website and blog together to create something great. It will be slow going at first, but ultimately completely worth it. In the ¬†mean time, anything I learn that might be of some use to others in the same boat, I aim to post here.

Morning Glory House

This is a piece I’ve done about a year ago, but never wound up adding to my portfolio. The design was made for Morning Glory House which is an elderly retirement home near Kalamazoo, Michigan. They were looking for a solution to create and manage pages so they could easily update the website for their business as well as a floral themed design to match the name of their business.

For this custom wordpress theme development I used the thematic wordpress framework by Ian Stewart to cut down on cross browser inconsistencies and made a general layout.

The Site URL can be found at MGH Seniors.

Automob WordPress Design

This is a wordpress theme design I recently made in Photoshop. I was having an inspired day and simply had to do some design work. I really wanted to work with a grain pattern on a darker themed website, and try to lean away from some of the full width containers that I have on a lot of my designs.

After getting some sketching done and working with a few options for the grid I got to photoshopping and wound up with this design. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Keeping wordpress in mind, I started to think the design would be great for a wordpress theme.

For now this is going to sit in my portfolio folder, but once I’m done with some other projects I’m on, this piece will definitely be in line for wordpress theme development and I have to say I’m quite excited about it.

NW Soccer League

This was originally a design that I made when I was volunteering as a Web Designer for the Arcadia Commons West project in Kalamazoo, Mi.¬† We didn’t wind up using this design but I’ve had it shelved away in some old folders and decided to take another look at it and convert it to something more useful. I was using some images from SXC.HU that had a sort of community feel to them and one of them reminded me of Soccer. Long story short, I transformed the design into this wordpress design for a fictional soccer league. All work was done with Photoshop with wordpress in mind. When I get around to coding it I’ll probably work outside of Thematic this time and work with HTML5 since the functionality isn’t incredibly demanding.

Web Psychology

This is a design I recently made in Photoshop, yet again meant for wordpress, but it can be easily moved to another Content Management System if necessary. The design was intended to have a clean and professional corporate look. I don’t see a lot of themes that have their navigation as part of a floating container so I experimented with that idea and I really liked how it turned out. I am currently turning this into a wordpress theme in HTML5 as well, which will be free for download and demo once I’ve ironed everything out.


This was a design I made while I was in College. I was aiming for the look and feel of a corporate website that was created with the sole purpose of selling a single product and offering support. In this case the product was an Idea I had for a social networking management application. I never really got a chance to write out a full description of what the product would be like but I will come back to it again in the future and finish that as well as come up with a working logo for this fictioal business.

As far as the interface is concerned the website was intended to have more of a single page type of view with relatively few changes from page to page, and the navigation is ready for the jQuery plugin “Lava Lamp” and would be ready for use in most content management systems.

KValley Devigners

Back when I was in College at the Center for New Media, there were a few semesters where a lot of work was passing through the school and having to be routed elsewhere. It was the idea of a few of the teachers at the school to have some of the web students get together and create a site, NOT attached to Kalamazoo Valley Community College to handle some of this work. While the idea was sound and it lasted for a while, the team largely had different agendas and were unable to meet enough to get the idea together. During that time however I came up for this design for the group. This was before I was working with PHP and WordPress so I didn’t really know to have a comments and post section designed for it but there is room for a content slider, and animated navigation with jQuery and could very easily be adapted to that platform.

Schema Therapy Midwest

SITE URL: Schema Therapy Midwest

STIM, or “Schema Therapy Institute Midwest” is a local Institute for using Schema Therapy to help individuals. There are multiple institutes around the US but this particular Institute was for a Kalamazoo branch. The owner of the site (George Lockwood) came asking me to translate their design into basic XHTML, without a Content Management System. For this project no design work was done by me, only XHTML and CSS.

VnV Nation Fansite

This is a design I made that was to reflect what I thought a fansite of VnV Nation would look like. The inspiration for this exercise was their song “The Farthest Star”, however it wound up turning into a very dark looking design. I added a neat little section on the right for purchasing tracks like in iTunes, so that its full features would include blogging, forums and a little bit of ecommerce.

All imagery used in this exercise representing VnV Nation, while modified is copyrighted by and owned by them or their prospective photographers.