Creating a new website

I’ve been at my desk working hard over the last two weeks to create a new website look. While not necessary, I am doing so because I do believe that its good for a business to change its look around as often as every year. Its been far longer then that since my website has gotten a real facelift, and in fact , I haven’t posted on this blog in even longer.

I’m really looking to change that. A lot of things both good and bad have been happening lately, and it just felt like the right time. I always advocate having a blog for your business, but for years I didn’t follow my own advice very well.

For now, I’m using this awesome 2015 default theme for WordPress, but am behind the scenes working on integrating and converting the new website and blog together to create something great. It will be slow going at first, but ultimately completely worth it. In the ┬ámean time, anything I learn that might be of some use to others in the same boat, I aim to post here.