Learning Angular and Backbone

This was kind of a random decision for me, but so far its been very fruitful. For a long time I was considering getting into Backbone.js. I read up on a lot of articles that compared them and while all of them were really useful, neither of them really could tell me which one was right for me, so I figured there was really only one way to go about it.

I tried to learn Angular and Backbone both

Well, sort of. I did them separately,  and I can honestly say that if you know more javascript then just jQuery it will do wonders for you. At the first time I tried i really didn’t. I understood the logic, and wrote it all the time, but more then anything I reimplemented existing snippets that I found around. For a time it was the same with PHP and SQL. Maybe thats just how you learn, but thats not the point really. I didn’t understand either and could really only slowly follow my tutorials and it felt kinda crappy.

Some time later, I decided that I was going to give it another shot, and this was after having considerable more experience with javascript, jquery and bootstrap. The community support for Angular.js had really changed a lot at this point. Now I haven’t really done anything exciting of note yet, but I took tutorials for both again, and had a much easier time.

Learn the basics first.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that learning Angular and Backbone may be really exciting, but it could potentially be very frustrating if you don’t know enough javascript to make you feel good learning it. Ultimately whatever side you stick with in the end, Angular or Backbone, Laravel or Fuel, WordPress or Joomla, its going to be way easier with a solid foundation.

On the other hand, if you’re way past all this already and just wanted a comparison chart, I’d recommend this article.