What I love about the WordPress 2015 theme

Typically, I look for my instant WordPress site needs from theme markets such as Themeforest, ElegantThemes and many more. Really, theres a whole lot to choose from but for reliability reasons I always take a good look at the themes wordpress releases. Ironically however I’ve never actually used one until now. Instead, i always just activated it to reset settings and fix errors with other themes that were causing issues, and didn’t really care for them.

I love the WordPress 2015 Theme.

And I haven’t even really used it that much yet. There a few things that I wish were different or easier, but thats more a personal preference thing. Honestly I love this theme because I love the mobile look.

I typically look for a few key things in mobile versions of my WordPress themes. You’re always going to want solid and easy to use navigation, readability, and other factors that make the website usable, but sometimes the small things are really worth it.

WordPress 2015 has an awesome yet simple mobile layout.

Primarily, in mobile the featured images are 100% width of your device while the content retains its padding. It has padding still on a larger device like a 1200 px desktop but can be easily made full if desired.

The stacked pagination at the bottom of the page in mobile is also great with the featured-image being set in the background.

Typically I’m not a fan of dropdown menu style navigation and prefer off-canvas for mobile devices, but I think the way the 2015 theme does it is excellent. Especially how it includes your widgets.

These are all pretty small things really, but its exactly what I needed to get started before I release my own theme again. For what I needed, this was excellent. Hope it does the same for you.

What do you like/dislike about it?